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In Australia's South West


Graceful Creatures - june to october​

Great opportunities are available between June and October each year as the Humpback and Blue whale swim past Peaceful Bay. There is a whale watching tower moments from our doorstep at Conspicuous Cliff Beach. Also, the mother whales love to pop in the Peaceful Bay and Foul Bay to let their young ones rest.

Stay on top of the sightings with the Whale Watching Facebook page to catch a glimpse of the gentle giants as they pass along the coast or jump on a Whale Watching Tour that will take you out to sea to visit them in person.​

Contact the Albany Visitors Centre for more Whale Watching Tour information or visit Australia's South West Whale Watching Page or the very comprehensive Rainbow Coast Whale Watching Page.

Whales frolick near Peaceful BayWhales visit the South West of Australia


biodiversity abounds - late august to november

The Walpole-Nornalup National Park has been named one of the biodiversity hot spots of the world​.

Explore the forest during wild flower season or take in the sights before and after they flower. Textures are very unique to each species and some flowers are pest species that imitate wild flowers.


Wild flower season commences late winter/early spring then recedes for end of November in bulk. However, there are still a number of beautiful arrays just commencing to bloom in summer. The Ficifolia Flower is one such species and is indigenous in the whole world to 5 square kilometres around Nutkin Lodge. We are privileged to live in the heart of this area and want to share this unique experience with you.

Wildflowers are stuninng Denmark Western AustraliaFicifolia Corymbia flowers in summer Denmark WA

Salmon Fishing​

Feisty Fishing - late March to April

The annual Southern Western Australia Salmon Migration is renowned for it's great fishing experiences.​

Try your rod from soft sandy shoals along Peaceful Bay & Foul Bay or adventure to the remote areas of Blue Holes nearby with your 4x4.



Crabs, Marron & Jilgees


Crabbing in the Irwin Inlet (6km east) can occur year round whereas freshwater crayfish collection in the national park is seasonally prescribed. 
Review the Department of Fisheries website for more information on seasons and licencing requirements.

Salmon Fishing at Peaceful Baycooked marron on display post seasonal catch

Winter Excitement​

Storm Chasing

Chase the big storms that hit our coast and stand on the beach head being buffeted by wild winds and yet feeling invigorated by the tempestuous weather patterns.  From water funnels drawn from ocean waves into the rolling, thunderous clouds, to the bombardment of yawning surf crashing and eroding the shoreline upon impact - it is a sight and sensation to behold.


Birds and Fauna


After major storms comes unusual birds that rest before recommencing their transient and migratory lifestyle.  These beautiful creatures are usually carried on strong winds and inadvertently deposited to this region whilst on their journey to another destination.

The regular South West fauna and gorgeous array of bird-life are graceful to watch. From your balcony view the dance of the splendid blue wren or antics of beautiful winged friends. 

For those who love amphibians and insects the motor bike frogs will delight, as will our neighbourhood crusty beetles that seasonally knock surfaces with their pointed abdomens calling to their partner.

This region is filled with rich diversity of curiosities for all to enjoy whether onsite or whilst visiting the national park locations.

Tumultuous ocean consumes the boat jetty at Peaceful BaySplendid Blue Wren


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