Aussie Experience in Australia's South West

Aussie Experience

in Australia's South West
Kangaroo Safari​​

​Our property, located close to the Valley of the Giants, has many bouncing 'wild' roos at all times of the day. They even pop by our cottage to say 'hi'.

They are are strong and capable creatures that protect their young.

​A travellers' myth around the camp fire is the roos will strike at you but the truth is whilst they are sometimes gruff and grumble (just like any critter in nature) they will not strike.

Enjoy the simple life...

​So, sit back, relax and enjoy the fun watching joeys bound chaotically around the pasture and enjoy the simple life they lead - eating and sleeping.

​Come to stay at Nutkin Lodge, Denmark, Peaceful Bay Caravan Park and Family Friendly Holiday Homes with Suites, Chalets and Cottages and have a kangaroo experience you.

See Kangaroos in DenmarkLet the kangaroos experience you too Denmark WA


Stay & create amazing memories. 4 star modern holiday homes set on 200 acres in Peaceful Bay, Denmark WA. Use #nutkinlodge to share your photos.

Find Nutkin Lodge

We are located in the heart of the South Coast between Denmark and Walpole at Peaceful Bay.

372 Ficifolia Road
Bow Bridge,
Denmark Western Australia
WA 6333

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